Imagine a world without cybercrime.


Cloudwear has solved the fundamental security flaw of the World-Wide Web.

We've all seen the headlines.

Hackers are growing more sophisticated and the stakes are rising. Cybercrime is now a multi-billion dollar problem for nearly every industry. The invention of the World-Wide Web was a great leap forward in technology, but the flaw in its structure was that any user in the world could potentially hack anyone else.

Did you know that nearly every hack originates from overseas?

Our analysis of 10,000 hack events reveals that 98% of the time a hacker is in a different country from the authentic account owner altogether.

Ask yourself: "Why should your health records, banking information, and corporate documents be accessible from Russia, Pakistan, or North Korea?" For the great majority of individuals, businesses, and governments, data access and modifications could be limited to specific geo-regions, providing instant and permanent protection without affecting the user experience.

Everyone said it couldn't be done.

Since hackers can spoof GPS coordinates and IP addresses, hackers can appear to be anywhere in the world. To win, we needed a new weapon in the war on cybercrime: Verified Location Technology (VLT).

Verified Location Technology (VLT)

VLT is a tamper-proof method of determining authentic user location without using GPS, IP, or other information that hackers can spoof. Using a cloud-based algorithm, VLT tracks and blocks hackers as they attempt to access private data online.

Every wireless device pings third-party devices around it.  Cloudwear's method triangulates user locations with 1,500-foot accuracy, from a huge variety of secure, third-party sources beyond hacker control.

This technology is used by law enforcement to track criminals and terrorists, but this is the first time this method has been made available to protect individuals and businesses, today in America and soon for everyone worldwide.

Cloudwear infallibly distinguishes between user locations and hacker locations, striking the winning blow against cyber-attacks.


Protect Your Online Life

Bolt-on advanced security to your online and cloud accounts to keep hackers out and your data safe.

Cloudwear's geo-protection blocks out hackers from rogue nations trying to access your Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox accounts. You can customize multi-user approvals, so friends and co-workers help you keep your accounts safe. And for the first time ever, you can require your fingerprint to change your password.

With Cloudwear, advanced protection comes standard.